Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When bugs come to bug you - Kill the buggers!

Okay so Monday morning was a rough one. I lay in bed trying to convince myself that my headache was bad enough for me to sleep-in and not drive Avon to work. We had been away in Swaziland the whole weekend, which was amazing; but you know that feeling when you have been away and you come home to a disorganized house, knowing very well that your Monday is going to be a "organize yourself day"….terrible feeling. So I just lay there in bed with the blazing sun starting to shine through the curtains, my head pounding as if I had had a rough night, and my thoughts saying "Yes just relax Kanya".

Then I began to feel something move across my face. Thinking it was nothing, I just brushed my cheek as if I had flowing hair and was moving it out of my face. But after it happened a 3rd time I thought I might be going crazy, I have an Afro and aint no strands flowing across my face. This headache must have been really messing with me. Avon had just gotten out of the shower, looking all fresh and me looking like a shipwreck with my wonderful morning breath, I rolled over and asked "Babe did you feel anything moving on your skin, I feel wired?"
Avon "Yes I did I thought it was in my head," BRRRRRR
That’s all I need to convince myself to jump out of bed...Coz I wasn't going crazy. I pulled open the curtains and checked the clean white sheets, which I had just put on the night before. Only to find hundreds of little black buggs having a Jole in my bed. What Buggers!!! I freaked out....feeling like they were all over me. Poor Avon had already showered and felt like they were still all over him.

Being the wonderful House Wife that I was I thought I could handle this so kissed Avon off to work. Once he was on his way I did what any newlywed would do....>CALLED MY MOM!!!!! She is like 911 and in no time her and Maita had sent me through the procedures of evacuating bed bugs???? which was what we thought they were.
IT was time to get down and dirty. I putt on my dook (head gear for a African woman) coz you know a sister doesn’t want ish crawling in her afro, and begun to get dirty. I stripped the sheets put them in big garbage bags, vacuumed the whole room and bed, turned the mattress upside down. I was Mrs Cleanit! I Even started washing the walls and vacuuming the ceiling just incase these things were hiding.

Now its not like I can't clean guys. I love cleaning...in fact that is what I spend a majority of my days doing. This actually bugged me! So I had to find out where in the world this little buggers came from, and what they were doing up in our bedroom. So I did what any normal modern day person would do....searched "the Internets" lol. Little did I know Avon was doing the same thing at work. BIG MISTAKE. All that researched freaked us both out. I found out that bed bugs feed ON US!!!!! I mean when people say to kids "don’t let the bed bugs bite"..... they actually really mean it! These buggers come out at night and feed on us in our sleep.....then they can go with out food for almost 3 months.

Avon came home from work early because he couldn't take the itch no more. We then went out to buy some Bug Blaster stuff. We stood in the DisChem Bug section reading up on all the stuff that can be used. There wasn't much on bedbugs. Doom seemed to be the only one. Reminded me of that add "DOOM kills bugs Dead!!!!" Boy did we DOOM The room. IT was D day for those bugs….D standing for DOOM.

That night I convinced Avon to sleep in the same room. It was a test, because if the bugs were still there we would have to take the Killing to the next level---- Terminators! It was so funny we slept with the light on because in our research we found out that the bedbugs hate light. At 3am i sneaked over Avon and switched the light off...hoping that we were too tired to feel anything, if the bugs did decided to come out.

WE survived the night. The buggers are gone and our house is Bug free. We realised that they could have been baby spiders. A nest could have hatched somewhere close by. Our friend Clifford said him and his wife got attached by baby Praying mantises…Shucks! But gee.....what an experience….But in my theory I think what ever it was that hatched….we created a wonderful environment for them the weather was muggy the room was warm and no one was home for a couple of days.

Um so the moral of this story is. Don’t let the bedbugs bite by sleeping with the lights on, else DOOM it! ☺


  1. Eish!!! I can imagine all the frustration gal. But I am glad for the fact that you have played a wifey role by doing all your research and everything thus the way to go wifey. Very proud of you and keep it up...

  2. What a funny story Kanya. I could feel those little buggers crawling all over me!!!! Alice