Friday, December 18, 2009

Dream about Dreams

I don't know if it is because I am seriously sick and under a whole lot of medication ....but last nights dreams were CRAZY and so clear. I thought I would interpret it. This isn’t a new thing. I try interpret dreams all the time……just thought I would publish one.

My Dream:
I was in our apartment alone and it was day light. I remember saying if there was anything evil in the room I would for sure feel it and I didn't feel anything. Then it became darker as in the blinds were closed but it was still day light outside. I for some reason could move things with my mind. I lifted my hand and with out touching it the object would move. I was opening fridges and moving tissue paper. I began to pray out loud " anything that is not of Christ be gone....leave this room." then I lifted my hand and something moved again. I began freaking out why did I have this power and was it really coming from God? I could move things without any effort.
Then I was in a different kitchen in a warm place and I was opening a wedding present and my auntie from Zimbabwe walked in the door and gave me a message (don't know what the message was). Maita was in the room too. We had to move and there were special arrangements being made to fly somewhere to meet with many people. Something had happened but it was like we were expecting it. I didn't feel anything. As in it felt was the messages I was trying to figure out. Particularly the one message in the wedding card.
I was then taken into my past. A time of growing up in Mananga. I was standing by the mulberry tree where we used to build our tree houses. I saw Nyemu she was a toddler and she was running so fast. I shouted at her "beware of snakes" and thought to myself this child has no fear she just goes. She ran through the bushes and across the grass to Hama who was playing with his friend. Nyemu was telling Hama of a special guest who was visiting. She ran back thru the hedge and greeted this other person (an African child) Hama came through as if he wanted to meet this person but walked passed with a sense of pride. Meanwhile maita and I are still by the mulberry tree. We decided to go say hi. I see a huge tree with many pink flowers that are matching my dress. I ask maita to take a picture of me as she was carrying the camera but she was quiet. She takes it and we walk to go meet this Child.
My thoughts:
Okay since yesterday was about achieving dreams I think this might have something to do with it.
Moving things with the mind might mean discovering things about myself that I didn’t know I could do or accomplish. The praying relates to my fears of being able to distinguish what I am doing as right or wrong. Is what I am doing what God wants me to do?
The second part is very blurry. It almost feels like it is in the future because I am looking back.
The third part relates to my childhood shortcomings of dealing with a situation. As these people are important in making me who I am today. How they interact with meeting that person (a goal) could possibly be a warning of things to avoid in perusing my dream.
  • My fears of Nyemu being too young to do something: relates to my own fears of being inadequate to do something…yet when I let those fears go she succeeded.
  • My interactions with maita relate to my self-centeredness. In getting Maita to take a picture of myself made maita focus on me and not on what was important….meeting this person. Warning that self-centeredness can prevent me from succeeding.
  • My observation of Hama not greeting this person relate to a pride issue that I may need to deal with or avoid.
These are all just possibilities. Could just be a dream.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dreams and God

We all have dreams! Be it a wannabe singer, dancer, songwriter, model, racecar driver, writer or moviemaker. Some people dream of being various things those are the Big Dreamers like Vuyo.....if you haven't seen that add click here. Whatever it is or they are, those dreams are in us for a reason. I believe God plants these desires in our hearts but we have the choice of following them or not.

But what stops us from dreaming.... fear, money, past hurts? This past weekend at Youth Camp we had small group discussions about our dreams. It took me back to the time when I was a teenager and the dreams I had. What stopped me from dreaming....did I ever stop? I mean if God said to you, you could have anything in this world anything or you could be anything....what would it be? What are our God given talents and why are we not using them if we know we have them? Or why aren't we bringing our dreams to the Lord? He is our provider.

After reading the book the Alchemist a couple of years ago, I really began to reflect on what might my destiny be, where was God calling me and for what. The book talks about people who stop dreaming and it ignited a fear in me. Was I one of those people? The ones that stop dreaming and thus the universe and God stops providing. If we asked anyone who has made it big in whatever field....they probably would tell you that it started with a small dream or passion which they followed. They didn't just dance in on it.

Some of the sayings that have made an impact on my perspective of life is

* Never make a principal out of an experience let God be as original as you as He is for everyone! (Crazy Love Audio book).
* "I was made for this moment" Be it bad or good..... you were made for it.
* God is a creator not a duplicator
* What are you doing with what God has given you? We don't have to have a lot of money or big friends to
* How do your God given talents Glorify God? Once we figure that out.... our dreams will be so much more rewarding.

These are just some of the things that have been on my heart.