The real core of Kanydzo... has been uniquely designed by God and molded by my family :). Truth is if you really want to know something about someone...look at their family. My family is what has made me who I am today.... I mean yes we have had our ups and downs. But boy have the ups been so exciting J.

So let my family pictures do the story telling....from the beginning:
I am the oldest of four - Maita (girl), Hamandishe (boy) and Nyemudzai (girl)
Us Taruvingas have style and funk
When the waves of life pull at our feet...we embrace it

The Taruvingas .....before any of us were married!
Our parents met in Canada ...Mom was doing nursing and dad was doing his PHD at the University of Waterloo. They have been married for 30 years and still going strong.....what's the recipe????? God's Grace is my answer.

After one year of being a Middleton

Our new addition to the family ....Kayla Kay :)

Family in Canada: from the left - Nyemu, Kevin, Xaria, Hama and Gissel March 2012