Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exciting Things about my 2nd Pregnancy

Although there were some deeply personal moments about being pregnant again, there were some really awesome moments to be excited about as well. The biggest one being that my sister Maita was also pregnant and we were on the exact same cycle. How awesome was that? Two sisters journeying together on the road to motherhood!! We were super pumped about growing together and sharing one another’s ups and downs.

But Maita wasn't the only one close to me that was pregnant. There were many of my awesome friends that were pregnant too, like Naomi my good friend who was also pregnant with me when I had Kayla, and Marcia who is my best friend from high school. That’s just naming a few: there were actually about 5 people in my network that were pregnant. It really seemed strange but still exciting that so many of my friends were pregnant, which made me think that this pregnancy was going to be a fantastic journey with amazing women traveling on the road together.
At 12 weeks pregnant Maita and I both decided that Genesis clinic would be the spot for delivery and made our booking during their open day on 8 Dec. Yes it was a lot earlier than when I had made my booking with Kayla (35 weeks pregnant) but we really wanted to take advantage of the 50% of booking special during their open day.

 Walking through the halls of Genesis clinic reminded me of giving birth to Kayla and how awesome the experience was. I actually was looking forward to delivering baby #2 and wanted to share it with the ladies that were seeing the clinic for the first time. I could see how nervous they looked and how it was such a mindset change about giving birth outside of the hospital. I felt like being the spokesperson for Genesis and preaching to all the ladies by saying “You are not making a mistake by choosing Genesis Clinic!”

To be honest with you I loved being pregnant with Kayla and the thought of being pregnant again really excited me. I thought about the lovely movements of Kayla (at the time SIAM) felt like in my tummy, I thought about the amazing journey it was for Avon and I as a couple and thought wow “thank you Lord for taking me on this journey again.”  I was trying to think of how Kayla would comprehend the whole concept of mommy being pregnant. Would it make sense? Would she understand why my tummy would grow? But again another journey I was excited to embark on with Kayla as well. 

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