Monday, January 28, 2013

Letters to Kayla: 16 Months

Dear Kayla,

I just had a wonderful after work afternoon watching you play and sing with me and thought gosh I haven't written to you in ages. Dad is at Core life group tonight so I have some quiet time to send you a little Kayla love 16 months.

You have finally stopped teething and are sleeping through the night. PRAISE GOD!!! because that week of teething really tested your dad and my patience. You would just moan and moan all through the night. Nothing would calm you down, except when we would tickle your back (a trick I used to use on Nyemu when she was a baby). I got so many tips from my "mommy panelist" these are the mommies at work that give me free advise. Let me just say EVERY MOMMY NEEDS THEM. Turns out Panado is usless for teething ... Whisky, teething jell, ice, ice name it I tried it. Dad and I hardly slept that week ...but we are happy to say you have a beautiful set of teeth coming through.

After Christmas Dad and I strongly believed that it was time for you to go to playschool. You loved being with other kids and were running around so much. There have been so many little miracles that have been happening just in the decisions and plans for you going to creche. God really took something so stressful for me - decision to move you from being with Christine to a creche. And he turned it into an amazing blessing. Christine is now your play school teacher! How awesome and amazing is that?? You get to be taught by someone you love and adore and Christine gets the benefit of having her two boys in school and have a full time job. When I think about the situation I can only owe it all to God. God new all of our needs and desires and met them beyond our expectations. What are the chances that the one creche which we would send you to (after interviewing a number of schools) would eventually have an opportunity for Christine to join their team. The creche is perfectly on route for Sean (Christine husband) to drop them off and pick them up, coz Christine doesn't drive. A believe it is all a real miracle!

On the mommy side of things, I am loving life at the moment and really enjoying the energy and excitement of a new year.I am eating healthy and getting up early for jogs which is just a wave of freshness. Even though work is super busy I feel like I get that quiet time in the mornings just for myself and God. I have started growing random plants and somehow that has helped with me spiritually. I enjoy seeing how far the roots crow and transplanting them into my small pots on the veranda.

I know it is sad to say it ...but I am enjoying work. Eeeek! But seriously Kayla I feel like I am finally getting my feet wet in this whole business development role and starting to see some fruits grow. I used to be so quiet and intimidated in client meetings but I am starting to learn the ropes of how to interact and make business linkages. It is like a game in a to read people, how to find a gap, how to find a solution, how to pitch an idea, how to nurture a relationship. Gosh it is amazing how important relationship building is in business. will get there  one day my angel.

Anyways enough about the boring work stuff...let me enlighten you on some of the cool thinks about you:

  • You love throwing things!! you are going to be an amazing bowler. You love to run and throw balls or oranges or granadillas. And you are actually good at your aiming.
  • You imitate us on the phone and actually roll your eyes and wait for a fake response. It really looks like you are on the phone with someone.(i will try upload a video of you)
  • You like to say lillian because of the way the 'l's roll off your tongue
  • You call yourself Katka
  • You call grandma  and grandpa GaptGa
  • You like to finish off sentences like when I say it is time to go.... You shout out the GO!
  • You love Twinkle Twinkle little star...and you emphasis the ARE!
  • You never get enough of me singing "MISS POLLY"
  • You like to suck on lemons because you are fascinated by the automatic reaction
  • You could turn a lid on and off for hours
  • Anybodies shoes interest you and you walk around calling them out Sooos!
  • You love being in the swimming pool with Daddy or mommy
  • You know what thunder sounds like and you call it Thanda (soo close)

These are but a few of the wonders you are absorbing and sharing about this world and I want you to always know how precious you are. Every now and again I get these moments where I thing GOD you truly are a amazing... because of you, Kayla,  my faith and relationship with God is that much stronger. So thank you. Today I had one of those moments of God you are amazing and Kayla I hope you know that. The sun was shining on your face while you were sitting in your car seat and saying More More to the banana in my hand. Dad was driving around a corner and I just wanted to absorb that moment.  You are so intricately made by God and I never want you or I to forget that.

Love always,


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  1. Wow, came across your blog today. Its funny, coz I was just googling stuff about Swaziland and ended up finding this great idea to write to my now 10 month old daughter. Thank you Khanya! Funny thing...your mum was my preschool teacher, 20 years later I'm getting ideas from you for my daughter. God bless you