Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shaping UP for 2011

You know you haven’t been to the gym in a while…when you get a letter from the gym saying you need to go to the gym 12 times before the end of the year….or else your membership is cancelled. This is shocking and somewhat embarrassing.
Avon and I did the calculations – subtracting holiday time and it ment that we would have to go every day from the day we got the letter. So since Friday Avon and I have been going to the gym none stop. We even attempted going twice a day till we found out that it didn’t matter how many times a day you go to the gym – it still counts as one visit.

Ever since we got this letter I feel like every person at the gym is watching us. As if they are timing us and checking that we are actually working out. It sucks because sometimes we really just don’t want to go to the gym but the thought of loosing our membership (which is a pretty good deal) really kind of pushes us to go.

Yesterday it was funny coz we were pretty lazy and came up with a grand plan to skip gym but still count it as a vist. So we enter the gym, swipe our card and then pretend to have a huge argument right there at the till and get fed up and both leave. Lol. Ha ha ha! How funny would that be. I just pictured it.
Kanya “Well it was your grand Idea to come here!”
Avon “MY idea!!! My Idea.. you got to be kidding me! You were the one on my case about going.”
Kanya “I don’t care about going to stupid gym!” and I will just storm out and avon would run after me. Lol. Then we would get into the car and start laughing as we drove to KFC or something. Avon and I had a good laugh at this thought because it would be totally out of character. We ended up scratching the idea and went and worked out anyways.

On the flip side- if we do manage to keep up with the rate we are going…we will enter the year 2011 in ship shap shape! So keeping positive …..2011 HERE WE COME J

Thursday, December 2, 2010

McDonalds Commercial

Have a look at the Mcdonalds commercial below. And look out for the chick with attitude!!!! I think my level of fame has increased by 0.5 seconds. Which is huge progress for me lol. I think my friends in Canada must be laughing at me right now... Because I never used to want to go into McDonalds with them....but I would gladly do a commercial! Ha ha ha.

Anyways this was a commercial which we shot about 3 weeks ago. I had to pretend like I was really upset with my "boyfriend" because he didn't like Cheese on his burger and I did. I had to bring out the seriouse Kanya Attitude out.... which was actually pretty hard. It was funny because after every shot I had to laugh out loud just to get the gitters out. In my mind I was thinking of a moment when I was really upset with Avon...(which is very rare). But that helped me to have a seriouse face....aint nothing funny about being upset!

I thought it was a good thing that I had to be upset with my "boyfriend" rather than all lovey dovey...which would have just been a bit awkward..... I would think!

The whole experience was loads of fun as usual. Go and grab a cheesy burger or Vote for which one you like on their website or else you will get BEEF from me.