Monday, July 4, 2011

The Rhythm of My Pregnancy: Body Changes (1&2 Trimester)

I have been growing like a mushroom and am actually amazed by what is happening to my body. I remember thinking I would fully document every growth week but I never really managed to get around to taking decent photos so these summary photos will have to do for now.

Month 1:
This was the first full body shot I took once I knew I was pregnant. I remember standing there while Avon took the shot and wondering to myself, “I have no idea what changes this body is going to go through.” I had a slight fear inside of me as I thought of stretch marks, extra fat and deformations. I questioned if I would ever look like this again. But I also had an excitement bubble up at the thought that this was the body that was going to create a new life. As if I was about to run a marathon and all that I had to complete this race was this God given body and I had to mentally prepare myself for what was to come.

Month 2:
I know it may not look like I was thinner than Month 1. But I really did loose weight in month 2. I dropped 2 kgs most likely due to the whole over active thyroid thing or just the adjustment J… My tummy was getting a bit bloated like and my none existent butt was disappearing fast L.….Excuse the Hello Kitty underwear

Month 4:
My tummy was really struggling to expand but I finally wasn’t looking like I was supper bloated. Lucky for me I could still fit into these jeans. But only the ones that were extreme low rise. But this didn’t last for long. Soon I was growing so fast that I was actually getting pains in my tummy….which the doctor said was stretching ligaments. Apparently SIAM was growing at a faster rate than I was. The one morning I could barely walk to the toilet I was in so much pain.

When I would eat a meal I could picture Siam saying “Mom can you give me a little more room here I am trying to grow!” I pictured my lungs, intestines, tummy and everything else being moved around…as if Siam was rearranging a bedroom. At this time I was weighing about 58kgs which was a huge improvement from my 54kg. My boobs finally started filling in more ...which is never a bad thing :). 

Month 5
I know it looks like I ballooned up….it is the Zoom function lol. Actually I lie, I did just balloon up. I was fitting none of my pants at this point and was in need of a major maternity shopping adventure. Although part of me really didn’t want to go maternity shopping. I felt like it would be fun to see how long I could make a plan with my own clothes. But soon the winter temperatures dropped so much that not shopping for warm clothes was a real stupid game. I tried to be as strategic as possible when shopping for clothes. The most important thing was I needed to make sure I could grow more into them and hopefully still wear them after the pregnancy.

Month 6
I was so happy I didn’t have stretch marks on my tummy but found out that actually the Tummy stretch marks are the last to show. ….first it is Thighs, boobs and butt. I found stretch marks on my Thighs by chance after standing in front of the mirror butt naked in a hotel bathroom room with lots of lightL. I guess I hadn’t seen them before because the lighting wasn’t as good at home and my tummy was too big to even see my thighs. Those “hello kitty” underwear were now called “goodbye kitty” underwear. My bra’s don’t fit me anymore which makes me worry because how big will they be when I am actually breast feeding…eeek.  The only major pain I am feeling is in my lower back and it only happens once in a while. It is like my hips are expanding and the detachment is happening right at my lower back.I am also beginning to struggle with bending to pick up something on the floor or when putting on my boots. I am going to laugh at the day when I would have to get Avon to tie my shoelace or wash my feet. lol. The tummy is definitely getting in the way though and I sometimes even forget it is I would close a cupboard door on my tummy or I would walk through a gap thinking I would fit then realizing I am not the size I used to be. The bonus is I still have plenty of energy even in the evenings.
Apparently from now onwards SIAM and I are just going to be putting on weight. Yikes. I guess this is all part of the experience of pregnancy. 

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