Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Doctor's Appointment and My Work Christmas Party

I had managed to schedule a pregnancy scan for a Saturday afternoon just before my staff Christmas party. It wasn’t the ideal of days to schedule an appointment because there was so much to do but it was the only day the Doc could see me.

Getting ready for the night and trying to juggle this appointment in between the day wasn’t easy.I decided that day to do something different with my hair but 3 hours later regretted it because my hair was taking forever to dry.  With only 40 minutes left to get to the doctors and my hubby still somewhere in Fourways stuck in traffic, I decided to just leave the hairdressers with the rollers in my hair. It was probably the worst Fourways traffic day ever. It took Avon and me 40 minutes just to meet up. I remember sitting in the car thinking this is a disaster. My hair is in rollers and we are late for our first scan. I felt bad thinking about how I would explain this to our baby #2 …maybe it would make for a good story I thought. But when I realised that there was no time for us to even make it to the Doctors in a reasonably late fashion we decided to cancel our appointment. Surprisingly I wasn’t anxious, unhappy or upset. I had a moment with God in the car where he reassured me that everything happens for a reason and for some reason I was not supposed to go for a scan that day. We went home relaxed, got dressed and headed for the Christmas party in peace.

Anyways our staff Christmas party was a blast. I was the MC for the night and enjoyed every moment on the mic. Partners were invited which made the night even more epic. The whole party felt like we were at a really good wedding with good people and good music. I was surprised to see how many of my co-workers were on the dance floor and loved seeing them pull out their hidden dance moves. Avon and I stayed till quite late and I thought “wow what a good way to end a hectic day!” I will let our photos do the talking. 

Avon and I all jazzed up for my Christmas party

Daleen and I hanging out at the tables
OOO we love dressing up

Oh and you gotta act for a good shot :).

The dance floor

.....we gotta have a classic moment.

Avon and I pulling our sickest dance moves

Winita and Carene having a good lagh

Whoop whoop

You know the party is good when people take of their shoes!

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